Newsweek coverThe 2012 Newsweek cover story, The Fantasy Life of Working Women: Why
Surrender is a Feminist Dream
, caused a firestorm of buzz on and offlinedue largely to the non-feminist hidden desire women hold for submission in the bedroom. But Dominique Browning hit the nail on the head with the article, “Working Women Get S&M All Day.”

Sadomasochism is alive and well in corporate America, and it is hardly relegated solely to “between the sheets and behind closed doors.” So we’re not feminists in the S&M bedroom but we are feminists in the S&M boardroom???

Submission and surrender are misunderstood by both sexes, since it doesn’t always imply subjugation or suppression. In fact, there is power in submission to authority, as long as the submission is a strategy. Every tactical move you make is about influence and submission, and in some cases, leads to more control. The old bait & switch.

MadonnaMany don’t realize that there are many types of power at their disposal. Power does not solely come from a fat salary and a higher position on the totem pole. It’s time to obtain your power with The Corporate Dominatrix!

Each one of The Corporate Dominatrix archetypal roles offers its own signature type of power. By learning these roles, you’ll always have access some type of power at all times—you are never defenseless. Here’s the run down:

Know that you’ve always got power currency. Each interaction you engage in has some level of a power tradeoff, regardless of your position or level of official corporate influence. The Corporate Dominatrix understands:

  • How to balance and employ power properly, no matter what position she holds or who she’s dealing with.
  • The delicate balance of over utilizing one type of power, or underutilizing another.
  • Power comes from outside you and within you, so your well of strength should never be completely dry.
  • Power is a two-way street.

As the Corporate Dominatrix, you’re moving toward a world where you’ll be wearing the pants and calling the shots, and doing it so well that sometimes others may not even know it.

I use the phrase “power becomes you” because it does—power becomes part of you and your personality, for better or for worse. Inherently, it makes you more magnetic and attractive.  Understanding your own power, and wielding your power can add to your charisma, state of mind, and certainly how others perceive you–and how you see yourself. As Margaret Thatcher said,

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” [Tweet this!]

Dommercise: Take stock of your particular Corporate Dominatrix archetype, and see if you are comfortable with the specific type of power associated with it. See if you can also recognize the type of power used in your company by your collegues (as well as management), and take note of how your particular type of power fits in.


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