Capitalism is not for sissies ─ The economic forces of globalization produce anxiety, fear, stress paranoia, helplessness, and, dare I say, a sadomasochistic Corporate America inhabited with supervisor sadists and subordinate masochists. Mistress Lisa Robyn exposes the workplace for what it truly is: a de Sadeian netherworld – one in which some people hold all the power, and most do not, establishing a lopsided, unequal command-and-control dynamic.

Since we still labor in a largely patriarchal office culture,
what are working women to do?
Enter The Corporate Dominatrix

Originally published in 2009, before the international success of the Fifty Shades of Grey series and movies, and the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, Mistress Lisa’s outlook in The Corporate Dominatrix shows she was WAY ahead of the curve on the dysfunctionality and inequity of male/female power plays. Christian Grey may be some women’s fantasy in the bedroom, but some other woman’s nightmare in the corner office.

Using aspects of Jungian psychology, combined with the theatrical tools of the professional dominatrix, Mistress Lisa Robyn shows women how to role-play their way to the Boardroom by discovering their inner mistress archetype, and then tapping into the other heroines for strategic success. The Corporate Dominatrix archetypes:

  • Goddess – Spiritual Sister
  • Queen – Sovereign / Ruler
  • Amazon – Warrior / Combatant
  • Governess – Schoolteacher / Disciplinarian
  • Nurse – Social Worker / Medic
  • Schoolgirl – Student / Apprentice


The Corporate Dominatrix by Lisa Robyn on CNN
Six Archetypes To Use Strategically in Workplace


The key to effectiveness, says Mistress Lisa Robyn, lies in being “adaptable” – knowing when to be firm and direct and when to be flexible and compliant. The Corporate Dominatrix dominates without being domineering and is deferential without being subservient. She stands up for her rights in an open and straightforward way, and she is confident enough to intuit what her clients or colleagues require, and she responds accordingly. Understanding, as well as harnessing, the organizational power & influence undercurrents within the company will land women on top.

Power becomes you. . . Use it wisely.

Find out the mistress archetype that best suits you with The Corporate Dominatrix quiz, or
click on one of the icons above to learn more about each of the Corporate Dominatrix sisters.

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