The Corporate Dominatrix Institute

Earn Your M.B.A – Mistress of Business Administration

Mistress Lisa Robyn offers The Corporate Dominatrix executive coaching to women in a group setting or in private sessions to address fulfillment of their professional goals and realization of their corporate dreams. She shows you how to get into a Mistress State of Mind:

  • Stage One: Attitude – don’t let limiting beliefs or distorted thinking mess with your authentic self or discourage you from sampling personas outside your comfort zone.
  • Stage Two: Methodology – understand the mind/body connection and how unconscious signs & signals (body language, eye contact, voice inflection, facial color, etc.) can inadvertently send the wrong (or mixed) messages.
  • Stage Three: Technique – Act “as if” and gain confidence through role playing. Expand your horizons beyond your natural state and explore other sides of your personality. You might be surprised by the repertoire of new traits you develop!

Lisa Robyn will be your guide to choosing which Corporate Dominatrix Archetype—Goddess, Queen, Governess, Amazon, Nurse, Schoolgirl—is your natural state, and which role you’ll need to play to accommodate a variety of business situations.  You CAN be the Mistress of Your Domain.



The Corporate Dominatrix TM – Role Play Your Way To The Boardroom



Find out the mistress archetype that best suits you with The Corporate Dominatrix quiz, or
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