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It would be understandable but wrong to assume that Robyn—a publishing industry and public relations veteran—attached an eye-catching title to a standard female empowerment book just to snag the attention. But her effort is no more standard than the questions in the Corporate Dominatrix personality quiz. Applying the lessons she learned “stepping into the pumps” of a practicing dominatrix and owner of an upscale dungeon in New York, she doesn’t just talk a good game, she whips the secrets of the s&m trade into practical advice for thriving in the workplace. Guiding readers through the six roles of domination—the goddess, the queen, the governess, the amazon, the nurse and the schoolgirl—she describes the attributes of each role and how to play them in order to gain positive results from bosses, co-workers and direct reports. For instance, assuming the amazon role can smooth the way when merging staffs after a reorganization; the schoolgirl role creates opportunities to borrow power and learn from mentors; and if a queen rules with a velvet glove, not an iron fist, she can build support by fortifying those below her. More than a standout title, Robyn offers advice for getting serious results in a most readable fashion. Leather, whips and chains are optional. (Apr. 11)

Kirkus Reviews

How women can use the tools of a dominatrix to get what they want at work.

Robyn notes that the key is flexibility, the ability to assume different roles and smoothly switch between them. Women must recognize that office dynamics hinge on the balance of power, and adjust their behavior accordingly. She identifies six dominatrix archetypes—Goddess, Queen, Governess, Nurse, Amazon and Schoolgirl—and applies the attributes of each to specific relationships and scenarios in the workplace. Noting an important distinction between controlling the situation and being domineering, Robyn walks readers through the process of gaining control while still maintaining professionalism and poise. She offers numerous examples that effectively illustrate each archetype, and her tone is one of assertiveness and encouragement. Female professionals will have plenty to digest in this winning guidebook.

An innovative approach to professional advancement.

Pink Magazine

Dominating Divas

With advice as sharp and snappy as a black leather whip, The Corporate Dominatrix: Six Roles to Play to Get Your Way at Work (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, April 2007) will have businesswomen discovering their inner domi- natrix in no time. Author Lisa Robyn shows how the balance between submission and dominance is just as imperative to a businesswoman as it is to a dominatrix. She defines six distinct roles: the Amazon, the Nurse, the Schoolgirl, the Gover- ness, the Goddess and the Queen. Do you like to call the shots rather than take orders? If so, your Queen side is well-polished. Would you rather be strategically submissive to authority? Then you may enjoy being a School- girl. Each role can be useful in various business situations, such as tuning in to your Amazon side (that refuses to admit defeat) if a proposal is shot down.


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Book Page Advanced Review

Work it, women

The workplace can seem like a large dysfunctional family, but Lisa Robyn sees it as a wild, sadomasochistic world where some wield power and others-often women-succumb to it. Using the discipline of the “professional dominatrix,” Robyn encourages women to assume “mistress” roles to gain the psychological upper hand in The Corporate Dominatrix: Six Roles to Play to Get Your Way at Work (Simon Spotlight, $21.95, 224 pages, ISBN 9781416940746). Rather than being naughty, these archetypes are just another way to help women think about the “command and control dynamic” and use their personal power more comfortably at work. “Perception is, in some cases, more important than reality in the office,” according to Robyn, a former book publishing executive. So the roles she encourages have specific purposes, from the innerdirected goddess, the image-conscious queen and the non-reactive nurse, to the nurturing governess, the always learning schoolgirl and the righteous, battle-ready amazon, allowing women to sharpen their interpersonal skills and achieve their professional fantasies without losing themselves in the process. “The trick for women in the workplace is being externally observant and internally resilient,” Robyn writes. Playing work roles “can allow you to see other sides of yourself and new possibilities in your career path.”

The Globe and Mail – Wed., April 25th, 2007

Her co-worker was being bad again, so Lisa Robyn set out to punish him.

Tird of his habit of keeping work-related problems a secret — and then letting everyone else clean up his mess — Ms. Robyn shamed him into ‘fessing up at the next meeting.

Exposed and penitent, her colleague fell to his knees in front of everyone, and begged Ms. Robyn’s forgiveness.

“That kneeling part made me laugh, because he was actually joking,” Ms. Robyn recalls. “But the power — the feeling that I had complete control over him — that was real.”

Ladies, say hello to the corporate dominatrix.

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Metro – Monday, May 7, 2007

Is your boss a sadist? And we mean really a sadist? If so, author Lisa Robyn’s new book “The Corporate Dominatrix: Six Roles to Play to Get Your Way at Work”…says this is the norm.

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