THE CORPORATE DOMINATRIX shows women how to use the role-playing tricks of the trade of the professional dominatrix for boosting self-identity, personal growth, superior performance, enhanced communication, and greater awareness of oneself and one’s resources. Mistress Lisa Robyn says the key to effectiveness is to know how and when to switch roles to accommodate the situation at hand. Working women need to know when to be dominant (i.e., strong) and when to be submissive (i.e., flexible). By becoming “the corporate dominatrix,” female executives exercise their power and mastery in the workplace using disciplines relating to attitude and technique. Can working women be both forceful and feminine?

By using THE CORPORATE DOMINATRIX six archetypes ─ the Goddess (the spiritual side), the Queen (the sovereign/ruler), the Governess (the schoolteacher/disciplinarian), the Amazon (the warrior/combatant), the Nurse (the social worker/medic), and the Schoolgirl (the student/apprentice) ─ women can discern which of the sisters you identify with organically, and then learn how to employ the tactics of the others to your advantage. Each archetype has its own set of defining characteristics and utilizes a power:

  • The Goddess — looks for meaning in her work, sees good instead of evil in coworkers and management, doesn’t worry about mistakes, works to achieve balance in work and life, is honest about strengths/weaknesses and provides inspiration to others. She uses personal power.
  • The Queen — is royally assertive, goal-oriented, places a high emphasis on loyalty, thrives on prestige, enjoys privilege, works toward building an empire, delegates with clout, networks and exercises benevolence and not malevolence. She uses position power.
  • The Governess — displays patience, provides guidance, has a strong sense of duty, sets up and maintains organizational systems, is proactive, resourceful, enjoys mentoring, inspires cooperation, is trustworthy and doesn’t contradict authority — she enforces it. She uses expert and reward powers.
  • The Amazon — is independent, heroic, protective, fearless, industrious, dynamic, analytical, courageous, forceful, decisive and resolute. She uses coercive power.
  • The Nurse — is productively reactive, responsive to emergencies, composed, humane, respectful, thorough, fastidious, observant and a natural at administering remedies. She uses healing power.
  • The Schoolgirl — an apprentice who is curious, obedient, interdependent, acquiescent, youthful, playful, respectful of authority, coy, lighthearted with a sense of humor and mischievous. She uses borrowed power.

Robyn provides a compelling strategy for women to get their way at work by choosing the appropriate role to fit the situation, while always behaving in a professional manner that earns respect. Filled with examples and practical tips, this provocative business book will help every businesswoman advance to the position she wants and truly become the mistress of her domain.


“A must-read for women who want to use their power more effectively in the workplace. Not whips and chains but clear, cogent, and practical strategies for the dominatrix within you.” — David Brandt, PhD, bestselling author of Don’t Stop Now, You’re Killing Me: The Sadomasochism Game in Everyday Life and How Not to Play It

“If Lisa Robyn were a stock, I would invest in her. She’s the consummate Corporate Dominatrix, and her savvy career advice is invaluable.” — Barbara Stanny, author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women, Overcoming Underearning, and Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money

“Like Wendy Doniger and Sudhir Kakar’s feminist Kama Sutra, Lisa Robyn’s The Corporate Dominatrix is a mind bender. Sensitive to the power plays and players in institutional life, this book overturns gender stereotypes to reveal how women may empower themselves in the workplace. Keeping their eyes on the ball, women executives will learn the long-range strategies, at times involving tactical retreats, that will enable them to realize their career objectives.” — John Munder Ross, PhD, author of The Sadomasochism of Everyday Life; What Men Want; and Tales of Love, Sex and Danger

“If you’ve been held back by a corporate structure designed by men, The Corporate Dominatrix will show you, step-by-step, how to get the big bucks and the real power on your own terms with real cases, strategies, and roles you’ve been playing all your life. It turns the tables on corporate power, and ths time women win big!” — William Parkhurst, author of How to Get Publicity and The Eloquent Executive

Power becomes you. . . . Use it wisely.

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