Using the psychological and theatrical tools of the professional dominatrix, Lisa
Robyn shows women how to role-play their way to success by employing the tactics of the six mistress archetypes of  The
Corporate Dominatrix:
Goddess, Queen, Amazon, Governess,
Nurse, and Schoolgirl. For a dominatrix in everyday life, the key to
effectiveness lies in being switchable–knowing when to be firm and direct
and when to be flexible and accommodating. A Corporate Dominatrix dominates without being domineering and is submissive to authority (when necessary) without being subservient. She stands up for her rights in an open and straightforward way, and she is confident enough to intuit what her clients or colleagues want and she responds accordingly.

Robyn provides a compelling strategy for women to get their way at work by choosing the appropriate role to fit the particular situation, while always behaving in a professional manner that earns respect. Become the mistress of your domain.
Power becomes you. . . Use it wisely.

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