The Corporate Dominatrix School of Business

Earn Your M.B.A – Mistress of Business Administration

Lisa Robyn offers Corporate Dominatrix Training to women who need personalized, one-on-one attention to fulfill their professional goals and realize
their corporate dreams. She shows you how to:

  • Play The Hand You’re Dealt
  • Employ The Corporate Dominatrix Method:
    Stage One – Establish Your Defining Role
    Stage Two – Role Taking
    Stage Three – Role Playing
  • Use Fantasy Realization: Scrapbook Your Way to Success

Lisa Robyn will be your guide to choosing which Corporate Dominatrix ArchetypeGoddess, Queen, Governess, Amazon, Nurse, Schoolgirl—is needed to accommodate a variety of business situations so that you can be the mistress of your domain.


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Find out the mistress archetype that best suits you with The Corporate Dominatrix quiz, or
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